Acepac is bizSAFE certified

Building Safety and Health in your Business

“There is no conflict between workplace safety and health (WSH) and profitability. A safe and healthy business is also a productive and profitable business. When accidents occur at workplaces, workers and their families suffer. Employers also suffer loss of business and profitability. Workplace deaths, injuries, and illnesses are expensive for businesses. One serious workplace injury can greatly impact the bottom line of a business and its reputation. Employers who implement an effective safety and health management system can expect to reduce injuries and illnesses. The costs associated with these injuries and illnesses, including workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and loss in productivity can be very much reduced.

The world’s best enterprises believe that investing in WSH makes good business sense. It increases productivity, enhances corporate image and makes a positive statement about the values of the enterprise. Good WSH standards contribute to an enterprise’s competitiveness. Consumers and enterprises are more likely to do business with enterprises that practise good WSH. With more and more big corporations outsourcing their businesses, this is particularly important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that account for a large proportion of the outsourced market.

Safety is everyone’s business, but the leader of an enterprise is responsible for setting the direction on how safe practices should be implemented, practiced, documented and improved on a continuing basis. How committed are you to worker safety? Let’s ensure that every worker under your care returns to his home and family safely and unharmed.”



Acepac International stresses on the importance of workplace safety, health and productivity had been bizSAFE certified since January 2013. We had conducted the necessary tasks to ensure the safety of the workplace and practices like risk assessments and safety briefing by our qualified RM Champion (Risk Management).


ACEPAC- bizSAFE Certificate

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