Article in Singapore Business Federation’s Evolving Business Excellence: The Resilience Journey

Acepac International (S) Pte Ltd achieved its BCM System certification based on SS 540:2008 on 25 October 2012. Months after this milestone achievement, it had reaped benefits which are both tangible and intangible. The journey of BCM certification began in 2011 with the primary objective to give its clients and customers uninterrupted business operations as part of our “package”, even in times of unanticipated incidents.


As one of the first local SME in packaging products, services and solutions provider to implement business continuity management system and be SS540 certified, the company has seen an increase number of customers keen to explore business relationships with Acepac.

As a result of implementing the BCM system, Acepac International has successfully established a formal arrangement with one of its long term suppliers to provide an alternate warehouse, site and office. With this arrangement Acepac can continue its operations at the alternate location if there is any incident that renders its headquarters at Enterprise Hub inaccessible. In addition, with a robust IT Disaster Recovery Plan to support the company’s operation established, the customers may not even know that Acepac is operating from an alternate location giving them undisrupted business operations.

In the recent months, it was noted that customers are specifying in their requirements of having BCM or BCP in their contracts and services agreements. Thus with the BCMS certification, Acepac is in a strategic position to offer and provide its packaging products and contract fulfilment services, becoming a preferred supplier and sub-contractor with the ability to meet clients’ business continuity requirement.

As a result of having obtained BCMS certification, Acepac International’s stakeholders that include customers, management, employees and even family members of employees, are now mentally, psychologically and operationally prepared to operate in times of unforeseen events. This is because these stakeholders know that such events are not left to chance and have been meticulously put into actionable BC plans that can be carried out when it is necessary.


With the government grants and support from Spring Singaporre and Singapore Business Federation, Acepac International engaged a BCM consultant to design, develop and implement the BCM based on SS540 standard. A BCM Project Team headed by the Business Development Manager and a key staff member from each function was formed to establish and implement the BCMS.

With the guidance of the consultant, the Project Team members learned and acquired the knowledge and skill of business risk assessment and analysis (RA), business impact analysis (BIA), business continuity strategy and business continuity planning (BCP) and exercises from the consultant. The knowledge and skills gained will help them to maintain the BCMS.


Acepac International (S) Pte Ltd is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, and is targetting to be certified in ISO22301:2012 Societal security- Business continuity management system standard to celebrate this milestone. Acepac is committed to all the customers as the leading packaging products and services provider as a Singapore based SME with great emphasis in business continuity.

Article contributed by Acepac International (S) Pte Ltd

About Acepac International (S) Pte Ltd

Acepac International (S) Pte Ltd is a packaging products and contract fulfillment services provider. Besides BCM SS540 certified in 2012, it is also an ISO9001:2008, GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practises in Medical Devices) and bizSAFE certified company as its commitment in quality and safety management system.

Its worldwide network serves global clients in logistics, healthcare, retail and industrial sectors in all their full range of packaging materials, products and fulfillment contract packaging services.

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